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 We firmly fulfill our social responsibility, protect the health of hundreds of millions of people, and win the honorary title of "key production enterprise of epidemic prevention materials in Anhui Province" 
Online store manager
Sales customer service
Art design
Promotion Specialist
Online store manager
1. Responsible for the company's business online promotion, and establish cooperation with various promotion platforms; 2. Sort out and analyze the market strategy of competitors, pay attention to the competitive products and industry trends, adjust the launch strategy in time, and maintain the competitive advantage; 3. Responsible for the management of advertising account and promotion effect tracking, evaluation, issue promotion data reports and analysis; According to the effect analysis, the promotion work should be adjusted; 4. Analyze user data, collect user needs, continuously optimize existing promotion business through data-based operation, and continuously improve the accuracy of promotion customers 5. Participate in the formulation and analysis of the company's operation plan, implement the operation plan, and complete various indicators;  
Requirements: 1. College degree or above, major in advertising, marketing, e-commerce, pharmacy, etc; 2. Have strong data analysis ability, store comprehensive management ability, good at learning; 3. Have the spirit of group cooperation, obey the company's arrangement, have the spirit of dedication and strong sense of responsibility. 4. Strong ability of activity planning and execution; 5. Proactive, down-to-earth, able to work under high pressure; 6. Relevant experience is preferred
【Sales customer service】
1. Familiar with the company's product business knowledge, able to negotiate with customers independently.
2. Connection and transformation of CRM clue customers.
3. Negotiate with interested customers and sign contracts.
4. Have a certain level of application of information tools.
5. Maintenance and re purchase management of old customers。
1. College degree or above, major in advertising, marketing, e-commerce, pharmacy, etc;
2. Strong language skills, strong communication skills with customers, strong pressure resistance ability;
3. Relevant experience is preferred.

【Art design】
Responsibilities: 1. Cooperate with the company's internal production and promotion of graphics and text. 2. Independently complete the customer's packaging design and packaging renderings. 3. Independently complete the production of the front page and detail page of e-commerce platform stores such as Alibaba.
1. proficient in PS, CDR, AI and other design software, more than two years of experience in graphic design. 2. Can independently complete the customer packaging, promotion of graphic and other design. 3. Love design, have mature understanding of design, be honest, conscientious and dedicated, and have good team spirit; Excellent expression and communication skills.
Hospital / clinic / pharmacy community promotion specialist
Responsibilities: 1. Participate in marketing planning and development of promotion plan. 2. Provide market research, competitors, customer feedback and other market information, and assist in market analysis. 3. Responsible for the marketing network, including customer network and cooperation channel network. 4. According to the marketing plan, carry out promotion activities, and evaluate the number of imported customers and the transformation amount of imported customers. 5. Establish and maintain good relationship with customers and cooperation channels, and maintain brand image. 6. Establish and improve customer files and maintain customer relationship for a long time.
Requirements: 1. College degree or above in marketing, economic management, medical care and other related majors, with more than 1 year of working experience in marketing and sales. 2. Strong sense of responsibility, good communication and internal and external cooperation management ability, strong ability to solve unexpected problems. 3. Working experience in medical industry is preferred.
Medical disinfection

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Traditional Chinese medicine decontamination
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